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Dubai is an expensive city


Tuition fee for a UG prog is around 37500 t0 70000 AED


You can apply to universities in Jan, May, July, Aug, Sep & Nov

Hi!, We are launching the Q&A section soon. Meanwhile check the Frequently asked questions on studying in Dubai. If you have any questions, don't forget to leave them in the comment section.

Q1: How much does education in Dubai cost?

Being one of the prime attractions of tourists, Dubai is not pocket friendly. However, tuition fee in Dubai is not that high, hence, the total cost is not so high that it should bother a student. Tuition fees for an undergraduate programme in Dubai ranges between 37500 to 70000 AED (UAE Dirham) per year and the living expenses range between 2600 to 3900 AED per year. The tuition fees for a postgraduate programme in Dubai ranges between 55000 to 75000 AED per year and the living expenses range between 2600 to 3900 AED per year.

Q2: When can one apply to universities in Dubai?

You can apply to universities in Dubai in the months of January, May, July, August, September and November.


Q3: What are the requirements to study in Dubai?

All the applicants must submit certified true copies of relevant documents along with the application form. The university will decide on the recognition of your academic background and will decide at which level you can qualify to enter. Once the application is successful, you will receive a conditional/ confirmation offer letter from them which can be used to apply for student resident visa. Visa procedure takes a week after you apply for visa. As you get approval for visa, you can book your tickets.


Q4: What is the visa procedure to study in Dubai?

Student’s visa to Dubai is provided by all colleges and universities that you apply to. However, before issuance of visa, all formalities will have to be completed. The administrative expense for a student visa will amount to AED 1,500 for a 3 years valid visa. This amount is usually paid at the time of registration. However, some institutions may include this administrative expense in their tuition fees.


Q5: What are the documents required to apply for visa to Dubai?

A student is required to submit the following documents along with the visa application:


  • All Indians with Indian passports valid for more than six months can enter the UAE.
  • A Note Verbal from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (in case of Indian Government Officials) or from the concerned Diplomatic Mission (in case of Diplomats or Officials working in a Diplomatic Mission).
  • A duly filled in application form (which can be downloaded from the Embassy website), signed by the applicant.
  • Two passport size photographs (one photograph pasted on the form and second photograph clipped with the form).
  • Proof of English language proficiency (results from IELTS & TOEFL tests)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Degree/ provisional certificate
  • Letter from college


Q6: How much will I be spending during my stay in Dubai?

Dubai is an expensive city and the cost of living is relatively high i.e. approximately 4407 AED per month which includes rent, food, entertainment, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.


Q7: Can I work during the course of my study in Dubai?

International students can work part time for 20 hours a week in free zone areas they are required to get the permission from universities.


Q8: Can I study for a degree from Dubai colleges by distance or online education?

There are colleges in Dubai which provide distance and online education offering various courses like Business Management, Engineering, and many more. If you don’t have the budget to visit the country, you can still have a degree from a university of Dubai in your kitty.

For admission requirements you need to contact the particular college offering distance education. Also, always check with AICTE if a university is authentic or not. There are various institutions that have collaborated with Indian colleges as well.



  •    AsalamuAlaikum.... can i study for a degree from dubai college by ditance education i'm a B.A psychology student :)
    Sayyed Hoor, 23-08-2016 Reply
  •    Hie, i am keshav, i going to complete my B.Tech in computer studies as 2016 passing out, can i do my masters in Dubai(UAE) ?, if can i do, what i have to do?, and which exams i have to write?. can u please conform me in detailed.
    Nikhil Keshav Raju, 03-02-2016 Reply
    Hi nikhil , i am now in UAE and here are many universities. You can complete your masters from Dubai. I can help you in this matter. Javed Yousaf, 17-04-2016
  •    hi i want to study my ms in dubai . is it better or not .and what abt the job opportunities after complition of masters. and my branch is computer science .what abt the it sector in dubai pls suggest me
    srikanth muthangi, 27-10-2015 Reply
  •    Can anyone tell me if I will be eligible for any fashion designing college in Dubai. I have completed my 10th standard under CBSE board.
    Abhijit, 01-03-2014 Reply
  •     hey...Hi!!! if u want to study abroad then here is a full comparative analysis and it would really be helpful for u.. Find the link below http://erhelpdesk.blogspot.com/p/study-abroad.html
    meerablog, 21-02-2014 Reply
  •    I am graduate and got 65% from india. Want to take mba from uae at low cost on scholarship........due to family income very low .....i m a brilliant student....pplzzzzzzz help me
    rakesh kumar, 24-05-2013 Reply
    Dear Rakesh, if you are looking at studying in Dubai, there would not be complete scholarship. There would be part scholarships available depending on the university, and there is no guarantee that you would be eligible for the same. There is the option of you going on a student visa to Dubai and then looking for a job there, in case you find one, you can convert your student visa into a work visa and continue studying part time. This is an option worth considering. Study Overseas Global, 11-06-2013
  •    This is really good information. Thanks!
    Rahul, 24-12-2012 Reply
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