MBA & Management in Canada

Study MBA & Management in Canada

With a choice of over 92 universities and over 175 Colleges and Technical Institutes featuring a variety of academic, professional and vocational programs, Canada is one of the sought after destinations to study. A leader in the business industry, the Masters in Business Administration or MBA course in Canada is popular as well as highly credited. What adds weightage to MBA education in Canada is that the country thrives on major industries such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture, forestry and manufacturing. Besides that, Canada is home to companies with big names, so an internship or a job stint in them, really counts internationally. And the money is really good there!


  • Reasonable Fees: MBA programmes in Canada are affordable than in any other country. The minimum tuition and residence fee is approximately 60,000 $, which is almost 20, 000 $ less than the US. The reason behind this is that Canadian universities and colleges are usually government funded.
  • Multi culture: A tourist and an education hub, Canada is invaded by people from all nationalities. Therefore, a global experience is guaranteed giving way to a priceless experience of international management styles from both the faculty and students.
  • Alliance: Some of the top management schools in Canada have aligned with international business schools across the globe to offer global education. This not just raises the bars of education, but increases the value of your MBA degree as well.


How to apply to a college offering MBA & Management in Canada

  • Bachelor's degree from a recognised institute. 
  • You are required to pass your graduation with 70% or more marks.
  • Most Business Schools in Canada require a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience for admission to the MBA programme. 
  • You are required to submit your GMAT score 
  • You are also provide English proficiency proof through IELTS/TOEFL/CAEL 
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