Engineering & Technology in Australia

Study Engineering & Technology in Australia

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is a 4-year undergraduate degree course and a professional qualification in Australia. It is also available as a 6-year integrated course, which means that students have to agree to professional placement as part of the degree (for a stipulated time) or even an 8-year part-time course through some universities. The Institution of Engineers, Australia (Engineers Australia) accredits degree courses and graduates of accredited courses are eligible for membership of the Institution.

Upon graduation, Bachelor of Engineering (BE) graduates can start working as a graduate professional engineer. If interested, some may choose to go for further studies such as a Master's or Doctoral degree. Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) status or the various State registration requirements can be acquired later on. Please note that graduates with formal engineering qualifications in Australia are often referred to as Professional Engineers to distinguish them from other professions where the term "Engineer" is used loosely.


How to apply to a college offering Engineering & Technology in Australia

You can apply online to the college of your choice. 


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