Science & Maths in France

Study Science & Maths in France

There are around 88 public Universities in France offering degree for Bachelors or Masters Courses. These institutes offer education in almost all disciplines from the Sciences, including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology to Technology, covering Computer Science, Engineering, Material Science and Electrical Engineering. The universities provide career oriented education which is of 2 or 3 years duration depending on the course. To make international students’ stay comfortable and hassle free the French universities provide special medical facilities for international students.

How to apply to colleges offering Science & Maths in France

The application procedure for universities in France starts in December for non-Europeans and follows a very strict calendar. In February, non-French speakers will be invited to take a French language test (TCF = test de connaissance du français) which is the equivalent of the English TOEFL/IELTS.  A good level in French B High (between 5 and 6 on the IB scale) is sufficient. The written expression counts more than the oral performance. Also, students need to provide their portfolio if asked by the college/university. 
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