Media, Films & Journalism in Ukraine

Study Media, Films & Journalism in Ukraine

Media in Ukraine is quite free after the peaceful and successful Orange Revolution (2004-05) which was a protest against the corruption during election. At present the Media of Ukraine is spreading is presence at the world stage. In 2011, Ukraine was ranked the 9th in the ‘Top 10 Internet countries in Europe’. The film industry of Ukraine is also developing at a fast speed and is being recognized at international level by bagging various international awards.


If you want to explore the culture of Ukraine and want to learn about its history through Media, Films or Journalism then you can pursue your education in the same field.


How to apply to a college offering Media, Films & Journalism in Ukraine

Like other countries you would not need IELTS/TOEFL to prove your English proficiency while applying to a college in Ukraine. All you need to do is apply online with following documents:

  • Copy of the first page of the passport
  • Copy of the high school document with a list of subjects studies and grades.
  • Medical certificate copy

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