Literature & Languages in China

Study Literature & Languages in China

Chinese culture has always intrigued travelers for centuries and yet it was never so approachable than it is now. With globalization knocking, world is just a doorstep away. China being one of the largest countries in the world seeks greater attention. Also, with its supersonic development the country has made its strong position in the world market.
Today, China is the biggest manufacturer of goods and products all over the world. The Chinese culture which was beyond its wall is now adorning lives of many in the form of artifacts, furniture, food, feng shui, and many other things. One-fifth of the planet speaks Chinese language ‘Mandarin’, making it the most widely spoken language in the world.
The study of Chinese language will introduce a student to subjects like Chinese Politics, Economy, History and Archaeology. Being a scholar in Chinese Literature & Languages, a student can become a professional in International Business handling dealings of an organization with a Chinese firm. Also, students can choose to work in China or can come back to India and join the teaching fraternity or can also work for Chinese Embassy. 

How to apply to a college offering Literature & Languages in China

  • The applicant should be over 16 and under 25 year-old with good physical and mental health, and outstanding school grades, which is equivalent to foreign citizen received Chinese senior high school diploma.
  • Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). 
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