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Study Arts in USA

 “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso. Though this famous art personality hailed from Spain but the words were apt for all countries. Arts is an inseparable part of our lives. We see art and experience it in our everyday lives. The scenic hills or picturesque landscapes are all part of ‘Arts’. Visual/Fine arts skills like painting, sculpting, illustrating, sketching represent some or the other form of Art. The spectrum of Art, though, is not just limited to visual or fine arts skills but also includes performing arts like music, dance, acting drama and theatre.
Let us delve into the culture of US and know what more Visual/Fine Arts and Performing Arts have in store for students planning to study in USA.

Visual/Fine Arts

Courses in Visual/Fine arts are offered at both Bachelors and Masters level in US. One can enroll himself/herself in colleges offering Bachelors in Arts/ Bachelors in Fine Arts (if applying for undergraduate course) and Masters in Arts/ Masters in Fine Arts (if applying for Graduate courses) in US. 
A degree in Visual/Fine Arts can be acquired in various specific areas like:
  • Art Education: The course is apt for the ones who aspire to join the teaching fraternity. A person pursuing the course will develop skills at a wide range along with his/her core specialisation.
  • Art History: The course offers an elaborated study of Art’s history covering various regions of the world. 
  • Ceramics: The course deals with the use of clay for sculptures and other projects. 
  • Commercial and Advertising arts: With commercialization Art has become an integral part of the Ad world. With this course students will learn to create Ads and other sales tools by using their artistic skills.
  • Digital Arts: With technology seeping in every part of our lives, we also witnessed its presence in the artistic world with ‘Digital Art’. The course in Digital Arts deals with theoretical, aesthetic and technical aspect. Students can pursue their courses in Computer Animation, Imaging and Interactive Multimedia studies. 
  • Drawing Fibres: The course will teach students to use a variety of fibre and fibre techniques like loom weaving, crochet, silkscreen printing, felt making etc. 
  • Glass: Glass can be artistic too when mould into an art. This course deals with the technique of utilitarian glass formation. 
  • Graphic Design: Any communication through logos, symbols or any other graphics is a piece of art. The course teaches the skill to create graphics in order to portray a message.  
  • Illustration: Illustration refers to technique for drawing on some specification or written content. The topics that are covered in this course are book illustration, fashion illustration, map illustration, rendering, exhibit preparation and cartooning.  
  • Jewellery and Metalsmithing: The course deals with jewellery designing and creating other works of art from metals. 
  • Painting: The course hones one’s skill in drawing and painting. 
  • Photography: Photography, though does not deals with brush or easel but the skill is equally artistic as a photographer captures the live art from his/her camera. The course deals with documentary or journalistic intent. 
  • Printmaking: The course deals with imaging, photographic and bookmaking process.  
  • Sculpture: To create a form from a distorted stone or metal or clay is sculpting. The course will deal with sculpting in bronze, aluminum, marble, granite, limestone and other mediums. 

Performing Arts

Any art which is performed live is referred to as Performing Arts. US offers various courses in Performing Arts at Diploma, Certificate, Bachelors and Post Graduate level. A degree in Performing Arts can be acquired in various specific areas like:
  • Acting/Drama/Theatre: At some point or other everyone wants to become an actor and show his /her acting prowess. But to be a great actor one needs to whet his/her acting skills. Acting is performed in films or stage. The course in Acting/Drama/Theatre will teach the intricacies of the art. 
  • Dance: Dance is a form of expressing oneself with artistic moves. Forms of dance differ from culture to culture. If one is interested in any dance form offered at colleges in US then he/she can apply whenever the admission is open. 
  • Music: Music helps in making oneself calm and composed. The course offers training in various musical instruments and vocal training in various genres as well.  

How to apply to a college offering Arts in USA

USA with impressive education system and outstanding career opportunities is becoming one of the topmost choices for higher studies among the students across the globe. There are two ways of applying for admission in USA. 
  • Students can either fill application forms for individual universities/colleges or 
  • Students can fill a common application form for different universities and colleges. 
A candidate is required to get his school marks or percentage converted into Grade Point Average (GPA) as a grading system is followed in US. Students seeking admission in arts, design and music courses in US are required to submit a portfolio containing their original work or assignment assigned by the colleges. Apart from application form and portfolio, students need to submit their IELTS score or TOFEL score, SAT score or ACT score, all academic mark sheets, certificates for extra-curricular activities, three letters of recommendations and statement of intent explaining reason for joining the course.
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