Arts in New Zealand

Study Arts in New Zealand

Arts is prevalent in New Zealand from the late 19th century. Today, with a legacy of Maori and Pakeha cultures (introduced visual art in New Zealand) the country offers a feast for an Art lover. 
The country also boasts of a great place to marvel performing arts with world-class opera singers enchanting the house. The brimming creative talent of New Zealand can be witnessed in the theatrical, music and dance performances. 
The land of Kiwis is all about innovation, self-dependency and celebration. The county focuses a lot on the growth in the Arts field. The government of New Zealand trains its citizens from the very beginning and has made efforts to inculcate the creative bend in students from the primary level itself. 
Creative New Zealand is the national agency for the development of the Arts in New Zealand. The country has three universities offering courses in Arts; Elam School of Fine Arts (University of Auckland), School of Fine Arts and Massey School of Fine Arts under University of Canterbury. 

Fields of study New Zealand has to offer under Visual/Fine Arts and Performing Arts:

  • Craft/Object: The field includes traditional applied arts and contemporary practice as well as ceramics, jewellery, glass, textiles, metal, woodwork and studio based design.
  • Dance: If a student applies for a dance course in New Zealand then he/she will be trained in classical and contemporary dance forms which may include street, experimental and integrated dance. Students can also learn traditional and contemporary Maori and Pacific Island dance. 
  • Music: The field involves classical and contemporary music areas like orchestral, choral and band music; Opera in Jazz and improvised music; sound art; contemporary popular music; ‘world’ music; and traditional and contemporary Maori and Pacific Island Music. 
  • Inter-Arts: The field includes integrated existing art forms or cultural arts practices into their own distinct art form with a singular vision. The course will train students in experimental and hybrid practices and exploratory or integrative processes. 
  • Nga Toi Maori: The field includes Maori heritage arts practice such as tamoko, tarai waka, moteatea, raranga, whakiro, te rao, whaikorero, karanga and traditional Maori games. Nga Toi Maori also includes the work of Maori artists across all forms of contemporary arts practice, including theatre, music, dance, literature, visual arts, media arts, sculpture, painting, clay, ceramics, fiber, jewellery, print making, photography, drawing and installation.
  • Pacific Arts: The students will get trained in Pacific Arts of New Zealand in all the forms of Arts.
  • Theatre: The field includes both classical and contemporary theatre and all genres such as comedy, drama, physical theatre, devised theatre, street theatre, musical theatre, circus, puppetry, mask and theatre for children too. 
  • Visual Arts: The field includes drawing, typography, printmaking, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, sound art and performance within a visual arts context. 

How to apply to a college offering Arts in New Zealand

Students need to apply online to the college or course of his/her choice. Students also need to provide evidence of English language background with examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Test and Advanced Placement International English Language Test (APIEL). There are colleges which also conduct their own entrance test. Students can also apply to various scholarships offered by colleges and universities.  
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