Arts in Netherlands

Study Arts in Netherlands

Being the first country to offer courses in English, Netherland is among one of the first few countries to profess global education. The country is popular for its quality education and offers courses in almost every field for foreign students. 
For a student looking forward to pursue his/her education in the field of Art the country provides a platform to explore his/her creativity at the fullest. Being considered as the country of painters with popular names like Van Gogh, Mondrian and Appel, Netherland is the perfect school for an amateur artist. 
The country boasts of high density of art institutions with a rich number of museums of contemporary art almost everywhere. Netherlands also has a large number of art academies with their individual art curriculum, most which is semi-government programmes. Netherlands attracts a lot of international students because of its generous subsidy schemes. 
The country also gives ample opportunities to students seeking training in Performing Arts like Dance, Music, Drama, Theatre and Acting. A student can pursue courses in Arts at Masters, Bachelors and Diploma/Certificate level. 

How to apply to a college offering Arts in Netherlands

The entry process at University Colleges is completely different as prospective students have to attend an interview in person. This has a significant impact on a student’s likely chances of gaining a place. University Colleges are much smaller institutions with much clearer limits to student numbers. As all students are required to live on campus there is a physical limit to the number of students they can recruit. Typically students should apply to University Colleges in time for a January deadline. Applicants may then be invited to interview in February.  
Few Universities also conduct their individual entrance examinations. Students need to check before applying to colleges. Also, interested students need to clear IELTS/TOEFL examination. 
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