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Study Arts in Australia

Australia is known for its vibrant and vivacious culture that is evident in their everyday lives. Art scene in Australia reflects nation’s cultural traditions. The country has strong Art culture both in Visual and Performing Arts. 
Visual artists have played an important role in shaping and reflecting Australia’s image. They range from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to the nationalist painters of the Heidelberg School in Victoria, symbolic surrealists such as Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd and Albert Tucker and modern artists reflecting issues confronting contemporary Australia. Other notable Australian artists include John Brack, William Dobell, Russell Drysdale, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Margaret Preston, Clifton Pugh, Jeffrey Smart, Brett Whiteley and Fred Williams.
Australia is one of the best places for the ones who want to explore their creativity around liveliness and warmness. Australia offers various specializations in Visual/Fine Arts and Performing Arts. The specialisations are mentioned below: 

Visual/Fine Arts

  • Australian Art: The course will deal with study of Australian Art.
  • Graphic Design: The course deals with interpretation of visual images through digital medium. 
  • Photography: The course deals with critical and creative thinking, inquiry and contemporary creative practices in photography skills. 
  • Drawing:  The course will hone a student’s drawing skills. The course involves drawing techniques and understanding of the elements and principles of design. 
  • Painting: Learn to paint in Australia with its various specialisations like oil painting, landscape painting and many more.
  • Sculpture: The course deals with aspects of traditional and contemporary sculpture practice. 
  • Craft: The course will train a student in Ceramics. 
  • Digital Art: The course deals in video, animation, digital compositing, sound art, internet art and hybrid digital art. 
  • Liberal Art: The course trains a student in various vocational fields of Arts. 

Performing Arts

  • Music: Learn music composition, music performance, musicology, opera singing, jazz composition, musical arts and much more in Australia. 
  • Dance: The art of dancing can be learnt well in the vivacious culture of Australia.
  • Acting/Drama/Theatre: A student have various opportunities in Acting/Drama/Theatre and  can learn skills like theatre design, performance, acting, drama and many more.

How to apply to a college offering Arts in Australia

Educational degrees and diplomas offered by Australian education system are recognised in every part of the world. Unlike UK and US, education in Australia is more affordable. Students seeking admission in Arts, Design and Music courses in Australian Universities or colleges can either fill application form of Universities directly or they can apply to different Universities through Universities Admission Centre (UAC) online. For applying through UAC, a student needs to get International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students need to submit their admission form, application processing fee, their elementary and secondary education mark sheets with percentage converted into grades and portfolio of their art work. Candidates a required to take either of the following tests for English proficiency:-
  • Combined Universities Language Test (CULT)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
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