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Yes, Ukraine was a part of the USSR but today it stands tall and has created its own strong place in the world. Ukraine, the largest country in within Europe and it’s not just the size of its territory that makes it exceptional but the USP of Ukraine is the ample opportunities it offers for everyone that sets it apart.
Being a part of Europe, the country is a mix of varied cultures making it open and friendly for anyone from foreign country to feel comfortable.  
As a student, if you are exploring options for pursuing your education then Ukraine is worth giving a thought. The quality of education which the country offers and globally recognized courses will offer you lot of opportunities around the world. Ukraine’s main focus is Medical Education which is recognized globally by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA), throughout EU and various international organization. 
So, if getting a Medical seat in India is becoming a havoc for you, then coming to Ukraine would be a smart decision.  And not just Medicine, Ukraine offers quality education in other fields as well like Pharmacy, Accounting, Engineering, Economic, Business and Management, Environment and Agriculture. And you will not have to learn Russian or any other language as the medium of education is English. 
All you need to do is study hard and get good marks and you can straight away go to a prestigious college in Ukraine. You would not need to give any entry test or IELTS/TOEFL

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