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The land of dragons and Kung Fu has always been mysterious to the world. It was in the 90’s that the Communist government of China which was till then didn’t support foreign alliances opened its doors to the world. In India, we know China with its food and massive invasion of its products in Indian market. Not only in India, but China has invaded world market at a very large level. Almost every product in the world is manufactured in China.

The country with the largest population in the world has used its manpower to stretch a hand of fruitful partnership. In the recent years, China has not only been augmenting the world economy but has also emerged as one of the education destination for students all over the world.

With over 3000 higher education institutes the country has vast opportunities for a student seeking quality education. Though, it was only recently that government of China showed support to invite international students but the growth in number of students getting enrolled in China has been tremendous. In 2009 there were 2, 38, 184 studying in 619 schools, colleges and institutes in China.

The government has also introduced policies for inviting more international students to the country. The 2012-2020 education plan include a lot for international and home students as well. From running joint programmes with international institutes to invite international talent, the country has never been so rewarding for a student looking for affordable options. Being a communist country, all the institutes in China are owned by Government hence the fee is much cheaper than UK, US and even India.

Also, China is also offering English medium education for International students making it all the more easy for a student to pack his/her bags to China. Lately, students from India migrated to China to pursue their medical education and were elated with the quality of education and infrastructure provided in the country. MBBS is one of the popular courses among students from the list of others like MBA, Engineering and many more.

China is planning to introduce 5000 doctorate students’ scholarships every year, 100 key university president projects, 100 vocational college president project and many more. With education being one of the prime focuses in China, students need to worry at all.

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