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Deakin University, Australia with Tamana Association, India launches the TOBY Playpad

With an aim to help the differently abled students, Deakin University, Australia launched TOBY Playpad (an I Pad application) in association with Tamna Association, India. Read on to know more…

Published by alka singh on 05-07-2013

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Deakin University launched TOBYPlaypad (an I Pad app)


The app is launched in association with Tamana Association, India


The app will help differently abled students

Deakin University, one of the leading Australian universities today launched TOBY Playpad (Therapy Outcomes by You) Laboratory, at one of the three schools of Tamana, The School of Hope, Centre for Autism, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.


The TOBY Playpad is an IPAD App which is an early intervention application for children with Autism. TOBY Playpad monitors child’s performance on tasks from a complex syllabus and adjusts lesson delivery to each and every child.


The TOBY Playpad laboratory came into shape through an agreement between Deakin University and Tamana, a New Delhi based nonprofit organisation for multiply challenged and autistic individuals, to provide an infrastructure for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their parents to work together in specialised environment.  The laboratory has been drawn with certain specifics to allow a suitable space for the children to learn and develop curriculum based tasks.


Dr Svetha Venkatesh, Alfred Deakin Professor and Director, Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics (PRaDA) at Deakin University, Australia, said, “The TOBY Playpad is an opportunity for parents and educators in India to provide children with timely and inexpensive early intervention therapy both at school and home.”


She adds, “For a population where, autism as disability generally goes unnoticed, we want to create awareness and reach out to as many people as possible.”


Prof Jane den Hollander, Vice Chancellor & President, Deakin University, Australia, said “Deakin aims to be at the forefront of using digital enhancements to make a profound impact in the communities it serves.  We are indeed proud to partner with Tamana to setup a laboratory where parents and facilitators dealing with autism can be empowered to deliver therapy”.


Dr Shyama Chona, President, Tamana, said, “"The TOBY Playpad from Deakin holds a new hope for the children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Seeing is believing how these kids at Tamana learn with joy using their little fingers and being amazed at their own drops of learning joys."


Deakin is one of Australia’s most progressive Universities with more than 42000 students and 2500 faculty staff across four campuses in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool.  The TOBY playpad is a part of Deakin’s ongoing efforts to engage locally and provide solutions to community based issues through cutting-edge research.


Tamana School of Hope, a nonprofit NGO for multiply challenged and autistic individuals, is a natural partner to this project with Deakin.  Dr Shyama Chona, Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan, President of Tamana School of Hope, has been a motivator and a strong supporter of Deakin’s initiatives in India for more than a decade.   


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